Cave Rescue Organisation

Pyjama Jones sponsors the Cave Rescue Organisation, the oldest cave rescue team in the country. CRO provides mountain rescue service in the heart of the Pennines, and cave rescue across northern England. Like other UK mountain rescue, and like the UK lifeboat service, it is manned by volunteers and financed by public donations.

Why help CRO?

Because any time we get into trouble in the hills, their volunteer experts will risk their lives to save us. So far CRO has rescued 3113 people aged between 5 months and 87 years, 226 lambs, 201 sheep, 66 dogs, 14 calves, 10 cows, 9 ducks, 1 bullock, 1 cat and 1 rabbit!

Why Pyjama Jones?

Because if CRO had been involved he mightn't have got into all that trouble underground!

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